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The great and glorious legacy of a human being is to live with purpose. Having the courage to use this opportunity of a lifetime to enrich the lives of people around us is an achievement that we are inspired by.

Dreams generate goals

GUS Clothing Company. 17 years in designing, producing and exporting quality knitwear to fashion brands across the globe.

GUS Clothing is functioning since 1999 at Tirupur, the hub of knitwear exports. Now, with a production capacity of 5,00,000 units a month in a 35,000 square feet infrastructure that hold ultra facilities, GUS is known as the fast track provider of quality fashion wear for men, women and kids.

Leading by example

A good leader positively influences changes in other people. Moving from the basics, Mr. Uma Shankar was trained on the floor as a worker and went on to become the owner in his own unique way. The gift of learning and experience gained from working with the best in the industry is the fundamental leadership truth.

Vision with a heart

Providing employment opportunities to the village people, because....everyone does matter.

Mission with a meaning

To involve the youth in business with clean eco-friendly practices leading to corporate social activities, to uplift the lives of others.

Certifications and Standards that assure...

GUS Clothing, having a remarkable reputation, has the best clean room practices with SA 8000, Disney and SEDEX Certifications.

Our Strength

Exceptional Team Spirit

Quality, the foremost

Our success is supported by the advanced technical foresight and dedication of 150 determined individuals, who believe in instant strategy. In-depth knowledge of country-wise knitwear, fast track work on Sampling Lead-Time, express delivery of small to huge quantities of garments sets us apart from the rest. Our production process maintains the highest standards of quality that meets European standards

The changing perspectives of future

Value-added expansions, rapid adaptability to newer ideas, upgrading to disruptive technology, experimenting fresh fabrics, styles & prints make GUS Clothing Company unique and noteworthy

Invisible creativity made visible

Quality, the foremost

Our design team is the most inspired and skilled in creativity. We create our own exciting designs for our clients and surprise them every time! Seasonal designs that are trending the world over are created by our designers in the UK, Mumbai and Delhi.


Fabric & Lab

Looking beyond excellence

The yarn used is of the finest quality, the fabric knitted with the best knitting machines and processed in superior dyeing units adhering to all the quality parameters. The fabric is then passed on to production after checking and inspection.
Merchandising and Sampling are done by a qualified team and experienced Pattern Masters. Every fabric passes through exclusive tests at our In-house Lab Testing Facility.


Immaculate cuts that speaks volumes

At the cutting tables, the fabric undergoes fine cutting processes with Eastman and Fischer machines and CAD experts. It is then checked, numbered and passed on to sewing.


The Story of the knitted fabric...

The 750 units of Pegasus, Siruba and Zuki sewing machines, along with the express Production Team, endeavour to meet the expectations of the clients in terms of finish and quick delivery.


Eye-catching impressions in print

The value addition of any garment is the prints that leave an appealing impact on the garment’s look and feel. Our Team uses colours that delight, with the help of Azo-free dyes, Plastisol, Glitter, Pigment and foil prints to provide photo-quality prints.


We have deployed 3 EPSON Sublimation CMYK machines and 1 EPSON CMYK Double Head Machine. The sharpness of the 4 colour prints is world-class and the production capacity is 2500 units per day.


Expansive Embroidery that excels

The beauty of a garment is colourful embroidery and our machines work seamlessly for a perfect design outcome. World class design concepts like appliqués add that special effect to knitted garments.


Flawless Finishing Flair

Each garment is thoroughly checked with needle detector, rechecked for stain removal, measurements and colour fastness for an error and contamination-free garment. The garments at the Vacuum Iron tables are given a clean and soft finished appearance. The system driven factory’s packing department packs the garments in individual boxes and then into carton boxes and are exported to various consumers of the world.


We have employed highly qualified designers in our CAD department to meet our global clients requirement..


The fact is that GUS clothing Company manufactures garments out of special fabrics like cotton/Model, Linen, tensile, Linen, Lenen look slub Viscose and lightweight jerseys that find a place in the fashion markets of France, Germany, UK, Poland and Middle East.


Quest towards a greener world

GUS Clothing Company believes in the protection of Mother Nature and conducts awareness programs in schools on preserving Nature. The Corporate Social Responsibility factor – plants, grows and maintains trees in the neighbourhood, roads and highways. Planting / Growing Trees and Play-Parks for children are setup in Temple lands and are maintained.

The Government of India recognized with the “Green India Convener of Tirupur” Award in appreciation.

The company also promotes eco-friendly products under “Pasumai Bharatham”.

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